Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Considering hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. an in office assistant...

Virtual Assistant: Our memberships are all-inclusive which means you don't pay for holidays, sickness, taxes or benefits.

In House Office Assistant: Using an in office assistant, with overheads such as payroll taxes, compliance, insurance and more costs an average of £25-35k.

Virtual Assistant: Uses only the amount of time necessary to complete each task, you only pay for what you use.

In House Office Assistant: An in house office assistant may not have enough work to cover each hour of each working day. This is costing you money for essentially not-working. 

Virtual Assistant: Our Virtual Assistants are all University-educated with a minimum of 5 years experience. We're committed to training our team on new trends and programs.

In House Office Assistant: Hiring an assistant that is to work directly and solely with your company may become, overtime, more fluent in your business, however this may limit them to the amount of experience needed to help grow a business. 


Virtual Assistant: No hiring costs, no recruiting!

In House Office Assistant: Average Cost-per-Hire for Companies is £3k. REC estimate that a bad hire at mid level (earning £42,000) can end up costing up to £132,015