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Panerai replica watches
Panerai replica watches

Recently the fire of the TV series “my first half of life” just ending. Although the drama and the plot is controversial, it was shouting “three view is not correct”, some people think that part of the situation is still quite “real”. But since it can become a domestic drama “dark horse”, certainly have its reasons. The actors of the good acting, it is hate and love the plot, as well as props have become the audience now watch the keen attention of the highlights. Today we come to talk about the protagonists in the play worn by the watch, who meet people set, who’s also call people “trench too fake” it?

Ma Yi played Luo Zijun, in front of the story, although it is not a money to support their families, relying on her husband to enjoy the life of 1.5 million annual housewives. But really true, that kind of chaotic dress taste, read that a little bit in the middle of the meaning of the middle class housewife … … colorful big gas, exaggerated hit color, each set are not people Disappointed spicy eyes. In the watch, Luo Zijun finally touched the same, showing a little she desires the exquisite woman.

Luo Zijun wearing a Cartier table, be regarded as a lot of urban girls to buy the table will first consider one of the brands. And her CLÉ DE CARTIER models, the extravagant purple crocodile leather strap, 18K rose gold case, as if the neutron Jun love to play “lady Chen” mind. Although the clothes continue to colorful, floral, people can not taste the taste, but each time more than 100,000 of the Cartier watch a mirror, or to remind people to see, Luo Zijun is also the kind of middle class housewife of the child.

Let Yuan Quan play career female elite Tang Jing, she really put the kind of low-key calm, double business and high strong woman’s feeling to take very well. Because the role of setting, in fact, Tang Jing and Luo Zijun style no comparable. But could not bear to have a very appreciate the taste of the heart, see Tang Jing will not help but want to boast.

Not only in the dress, adhering to their own black and white scouring cold. In the selection of watches, she only pick those enough classic and practical type. Rolex women’s log-type series of watches, for the character of competent, acted with vigorous workplace women, both on both the style and highlight the right edge. Tang Jing office in the scene often appear white product home flip watch is also resistant to see models, square dial the atmosphere, leather strap wear in office is also comfortable enough. And that only play points, quilt Jun mother chasing asked, “This table is particularly expensive?” Orange watch, is from the nations of the Park Tao Fenuo automatic watch 37. Elite also have to get off work, relax the time Well ~ strap color lively Po Tao Fenuo, just to fill the Tang Jing elite set this blank.

Jin Dong in the role of film and television drama, has always been this kind of stable rational, full of mature charm look. But this time in the play a little bit different, some people call him “is also a teacher and friends,” the success of people, some people are Tucao he is “pocketed slut”. Feelings of each have their own views, it is difficult to fight out who is right or wrong. But in the cause, He Han’s top business people no doubt.

Baizilai Bolai three time chronograph, dial diameter 46.6 mm, 18K rose gold case, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror, while showing three time zones, equipped with a unique development of Baqi Lai CFB1901.1 automatically Chain movement

Business busy, He Han east to go when certainly not a few, and he chose the Baqi Lai Leilai three time chronograph is very “according to local conditions.” Three time function even in different time zones can control the overall situation, for the “flying trapeze” business men, this table should be a very wise choice. Of course, the price of 38 million, brain fill what He Han to buy the table, when the card is probably not blink of an eye

Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER Floating Tourbillon watch, 40 mm x 41 mm watch, equipped with floating tourbillon, “C” shaped tourbillon frame, both the second indicator function, independent number movement with 142 parts, of which Including 19 ruby ​​bearings

Everyone shouting really slag men – Chen Junsheng, played by Lei Jia Yin. Drama Luo Zijun has long said that Chen Junsheng annual salary of more than 150 million. But when you see his hand piece of Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER floating Tourbillon watch, a lot of viewers said, “a company can actually afford the middle of the table 63 million table, which can spend a year of three Which is in Shanghai, ah, the normal year in Shanghai into the million, 8000 of the shoes are reluctant to buy. “There are some No He Han high, the salary is certainly not He Han, actually wearing a table than the Han Han also expensive 25 million, really not meet the characters set (also broke the news that he was wearing a watch in the play).

But the TV series is the TV drama Well, sometimes can not get rid of the props details of the problem is not accurate enough. But overall, each character set with them to wear the table is still very fit. After reading this drama, what are your concerns or interesting highlights to share with you?

The advent of Cartier replica watches

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Cheap Cartier Replica Watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Originally in the show before, I wanted to write an article, and you players to
discuss the current market Cartier replica watches DATE JUST status quo. But taking into account the table near the show, do not know Cartier replica watches in
this year’s show will be what kind of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches release arrangements, so the delay did not write. According to Cartier replica watches in the past,
Cartier replica watches has introduced the use of the new 3235 movement of gold gold between the 126333, then the platinum ring model and the
steel model will not be far, even if this year, not over two years will be out. Sure enough, this year’s Basel Watch Fair
Cartier replica watches released the use of the new 3235 movement 126334 and 126300, I think, to discuss with you when the DJ.

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Cartier Replica Watches China

And this year’s Basel watch show Cartier replica watches released the red word bubble eye sea dweller, month cut tangi, “color candy bean”
yacht these “super hot” new table compared to the use of the new 3235 movement DJ is not too striking. During the show,
brush burst friends circle are Cartier Replica Watches China “super hot” model. New DJs are barely concerned. But I am very clear, for me, for a
large part of the players, these “super hot” Cartier replica watches regardless of the current extent from the rare, hot or the rate of
increase, the average player is difficult to buy. For a large number of ordinary players, the new platinum ring / all-steel
DJ, is more practical, the actual purchase of the meaning of Cartier replica watches. From this perspective, 126334 and 126300 is the most
important Cartier replica watches this year, is also the most worth buying Cartier replica watches.

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Luxury Cartier Replica Watches

The new Cartier replica watches DATE JUST includes two main models, namely the white gold dog teeth ring steel plate 126334 and aperture steel
126300. Under the two bezel Luxury Cartier Replica Watches models, the style of the package is also included (the model does not change). According to
Cartier replica watches the most important of the three types of dog teeth gold between gold, dog teeth platinum gold, aperture all
steel, and now all updates on DATE JUST, all new 41 mm DATE JUST have used a new generation of 3235 movement ( DJ also
includes all gold models, not covered here). According to the configuration of the Cartier replica watches, gold gold between the
126333 configuration the highest, bezel, crown, the middle chain are K gold, the highest price; platinum gold gold 126334
dog teeth circle is platinum, the other is steel, Price in the middle position; aperture 126300 bezel, case, chain are
steel, the lowest price (aperture has eternal rose gold version). Cartier replica watches this year, the newly released platinum gold between
the gold 126334 and steel 126300 further reduce the price of the new DATE JUST. Plus DATE JUST full range has been replaced,
has no any uncertainty and concerns, I think now we have to consider the time to continue to buy the table.

Cartier replica watches
Cartier replica watches

Swiss Cartier Replica Watches

After Cartier’s new 126334/126300 came out, the pattern of the Cartier on the market changed. DATE JUST on the market
into three camps. The first camp is the use of a new generation of 3235 movement of 41 mm 126333,126334,126300 (between the
rose gold is 126301). These three new DJ just came out, into the Cartier store. Because just released, into the secondary
market is limited, into the store in accordance with the wages to buy the table, the price is relatively high, the price is
no advantage. But the new generation Swiss Cartier Replica Watches of DATE JUST has the current DJ in the most perfect disk ratio, pointer, dial, bezel,
crown, size size ratio coordination, perfect, unparalleled. A new generation of 3235 movement has obvious technical
advantages, regardless of including CHRONERGY escapement, including technical details, but also talk about the difference
between the ball bearing automatic tuo and pin-type, only 70 hours of power over a lot of 3135, which is We can see, feel
that, the real advantage (after all, 3135 is now +2 / -2). With our most familiar words is that early to buy early to enjoy,
but early to enjoy the need to spend more money.

Elegant ladies dress cheap replica watches

Female wristwatch men’s replica watches has been compared to a scarce commodity, and dress the female form is in the minority. Which embodies the elegant women, and work and leisure in the gestures can put their personal temperament and accentuates the charm of dress female wristwatch, it can be said is commendable. Watch House today for everyone to recommend a set of personality and elegance to formal wear women wristwatch.

Cartier watches key series W2CL0004


Cartier Clé de Cartier replica watches rounded the curve, simple lines, the “key” is the name of the series comes from the winding crown. This series W2CL0004 Clé de Cartier fake watches, style is simple and elegant, between the gold bracelet is also suitable for dress wear. Unique stainless steel steel case with stainless steel and 18K rose gold goldsmith strap, grace and elegance. 18K rose gold key-shaped crown, rotatable chain set with a synthetic spinel, a 30 meters waterproof. Silver circular dial Glyph middle portion is decorated with blue Roman numerals and blue steel hands, revealed a trace of masculine independent temperament. This watch is equipped with the new Cartier 1847 MC automatic winding movement, fine workmanship.

274189-5001 Chopard Ladies Watches


Chopard ladies replica watches whether it is style or workmanship are performance leaders. This HAPPY SPORT 30MM watch brand also continued the consistent style, case with 18K rose gold, with a compact design 30MM diameter, and yet full of temperament ladies brand design highlights, mother of pearl dial with inner materials and dial 5 activities diamonds side by side, full of spirituality, between gestures, add a lot of fun to watch, with a brown crocodile leather strap, the watch overall color complementary business female choice.

ULTRA THIN slim moon phase ladies watch series 16.2310.692 / 51.C705 watch Zenith


Zenith male table full of masculine brand, while the female form is elegant calm. The Genelec ELITE Series 16.2310.692 / 51.C705, the overall color blue represents the calm and femininity. Ultra-thin case, the outer circle exquisite inlaid round diamonds, brilliant and moving, with a blue alligator strap. Blue dial with sunray decorated, looks radiant, moon phase at 6 o’clock set window at 9 o’clock, small seconds. This cheap replica watches is equipped with the Elite 692 self-winding movement, the thickness of only 3.97 mm, 28,800 vibrations per hour, put thallium decorated with “Côtes de Genève” pattern, offering 50-hour power reserve.

LVCEA Bulgari watch series 102192 LU33BSPGSPGD


Bulgari in Italian of “luce” (meaning “light”) and the Latin “lux” (meaning “luxury”) combination, LVCEA series hence the name. The Bulgari LVCEA Series 102192 LU33BSPGSPGD watch, classical in appearance with fashion colors, suitable for soft and delicate ladies wear. Circular case exquisite detail, black opal dial with sunray Niusuo decorated, set date window at 3 o’clock, golden hour markers and hands clear atmosphere. Located on the side of the case 18K rose gold crown set with diamonds and pink cabochon, bold and distinctive design. It is worth mentioning that LVCEA watch bracelet is inspired by the classic Bvlgari Serpenti series, with the perfect blend of delicate round case.

Omega watch series 425. watch LADYMATIC


Omega replica watches Ladymatic series is designed for the 21st century, the design of the watch, is also one of the first designed specifically for women’s self-winding watch, extraordinary design and innovative watchmaking, have demonstrated the importance of women. At first glance this watch, it was attracted to her elegant temperament. This series 425. Omega replica Ladymatic watch with white mother of pearl dial with diamond scale, decorated with sun rays light pattern on the dial, with date window at 3 o’clock. Watch with round stainless steel case with steel bracelet, the case side decorated with decorative corrugated white ceramic ring located between the corrugations and the inner case body. This watch equipped with Omega 8520 coaxial movement, have a more lasting superior accuracy and stability, the automatic chain system can shorten the time on the chain, offering 50-hour power reserve.

Women introverted and reserved, like men, it is difficult to express directly their own personal charm. And a suitable female models dress watch, you can be anywhere in between gestures, expose themselves. Today we recommend the three ladies watch, have both elegance and individuality, whether brand or series cheap luxury replica watches are loved.